IOTA Flash Hackathon  –  Winners Announced

The Flash Hackathon started in November 2017, participants were asked to build solutions that utilise Flash to solve unique and useful problems. With some exciting ‘real world’ project ideas underway and cash prizes including $15,000 for first place up for grab, the community was eager to see the outcome.

Winners were announced today, FogNet taking first place which uses payment channels in resource and bandwidth restricted environments to exchange data for instant payments.

Watch a short video for more on the FogNet project here:

Other projects include WIOTA, which uses embedded hardware to create a WiFi Access Point that uses Flash Channels payments to charge users for their access to data by the minute, and a project that integrates IOTA Flash Channels into the population Open-Source home automation platform, Home Assistant.

Read the full IOTA Blog Post HERE

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