Nordic Semiconductor and NTNU in Norway explore IOTA and the Data Marketplace

As we move closer to the official announcement of ‘Qubic‘, big news keeps rolling on out, and the latest is an exciting step forward in the use of IoT sensors on the IOTA Marketplace by Semiconductor producer Nordic.

The Thingy:52 featured in the video below is a multi-purpose sensor dev kit using Bluetooth Low Energy, it has been used in all sorts of scenarios, but this will be it first use in Distributed Ledger Technology.

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IOTA EV charging station taking payments live with IOTA

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An electric vehicle charging station taking live payments with IOTA was demoed at the Amsterdam meetup


Close up of the demo they used live at the event. It would activate when you plugged in the charging cord and the cell phone app would pay X amount of IOTA per KiloWatt hour and the app will have a search function to find the nearest charging stations. The proof of work is offloaded from the cell phone and would eventually be done by the companies servers to keep the POW fast and light for users.

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BOSCH XDK using IOTA MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging)

The IOTA powered Bosch XDK is a programmable sensor device & a prototyping platform for any IoT use case you can imagine.


The universal programmable sensor device packed with state of the art sensor technology and ready-to-use software packages, capable of fulfilling all your IoT application needs.

Built for Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions to create IoT products, XDK has evolved continuously and is not only a prototyping platform but also a sensor node solution.

MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging) means your data is encrypted (Masked). Your data is confirmed to be coming from your device or entity (Authenticated). You can have a data stream that runs in a distributed ledger continuously and carry on until you decide to stop publishing (Messaging).

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How Do I Buy IOTA?

Buying MIOTA

IOTA is a revolutionary new transactional settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things – How Do I Buy MIOTA?

How do I purchase MIOTA?

For most countries, purchase Ethereum (or Bitcoin) through Coinbase and transfer to the exchange Binance.

For Australian’s, the quickest and easiest way is Coinspot.

Or use Coinjar to purchase Ethereum (or Bitcoin) through Coinbase and transfer to the exchange Binance.

Where do I store MIOTA?

In your official MIOTA wallet, Trinity!

We are most impressed with the Ledger Hardware Wallet which now supports IOTA. Hold you MIOTA with the security of Ledger.